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'Lady' Isabelle
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  • ✶ Validity since: 01/10/2023

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Environmental commitment

Thanks to you, Isabelle, MyLadyLord is contributing to the revitalization of wild woodlands in the Scottish Highlands, providing space for wildlife to flourish and communities to thrive, as well as reducing CO2e.

Virtual tour & simulation

The castle's hidden map

58.478014°N, 3.068082°W

Facts and curiosities

✶ Your MyLadyLord’s Tartan!

    Tartan is a patterned cloth consisting of criss-crossed, horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours and particularly associated with Scotland. It was adopted as a status that was widely popularised after King George IV wore a tartan kilt (skirt) in his 1822 visit to Scotland. Until the nineteenth century, the highland tartans were only associated with either regions or districts, rather than any specific Scottish clan.

  • You can exclusively weave and wear the MyLadyLord Tartan anytime, as a right that now belongs to you forever.
  • This Tartan is officially registered in the Scottish Register of Tartans (an institution supervised by the UK goverment).
  • You can find all the Tartan’s information (colours, threads count, history, reference…) just clicking here.

✶ The (old) origin of the tradition

  • The term ‘Lord’ has been used in the UK since 1066 when William the Conqueror carved up the land into manors with titles which he bestowed on his loyal barons. Today we associate the term Lord with someone who holds a title of peerage or courtesy title, either inherited or granted.
  • The term ‘Lady or “Ladyship” is simply a term of reference used to address a lady who has a title and ladyship titles can be gained in exactly the same way as Lordship title.

✶ The Scottish Laird (Lady or Lord)

  • In the traditional Scottish order of precedence, a laird (Myladylord titles) ranked below a baron and above a gentleman. This rank was held only by those lairds holding official recognition in a territorial designation by the Lord Lyon King of Arms. However, since “laird” is a courtesy title, it has no formal status in law.
  • Historically, the term bonnet laird was applied to rural, petty landowners, as they wore a bonnet like the non-landowning classes. Bonnet lairds filled a position in society below lairds and above husbandmen (farmers), similar to the yeomen of England.